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The Control Panel is the user interface from which you play Astrowars. There are seven top level screens tabbed across the page, each covering a different area of activity, plus links to secondary screens with more options for specific tasks. Six of these are visible to both allied and solo players. Note: the Trade screen only appears once you gain player level 1.

News screen

  • receive news and message alerts
  • access game services and help
  • personalise game settings

Map screen

  • view surrounding map area
  • check planets in systems
  • examine player profiles

Planets screen

  • check planet development
  • improve buildings and ships
  • spend production points

Science screen

  • check science development
  • change research selection
  • validate new culture levels

Trade screen

  • trade artifacts and supply units
  • select active artifact bonus
  • establish trade agreements
  • convert money to production points

Fleet screen

  • select targets and launch fleets
  • monitor fleet arrival times

There is also an Alliance screen tab, which displays information about your alliance. This tab is only displayed if you belong to an alliance, or at any time when you have saved a total of 8000 Astro Dollars and have gained at least Player Level 1, when you may use the money to create your own alliance if you wish.

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