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The name "The United Galaxies Alliance" alludes to TUGAs multinational origin. The primary language is english.



TUGA was created for GE2 as an offshoot of LOG. LOG wanted to be an exclusively French speaking alliance for better communication and gameplay, so those who did not speak French chose to start TUGA. Initially, all TUGAs from GE2 were former LOGs, and more were gradually recruited during GE2.

Gold 2 - TUGA had 27 members in GE2, and the alliance rank at the end was 47. GE2 war against SF. Rplank was the Leader.
Gold 3 - TUGA had 24 members for GE3, and the alliance rank at the end was 122. GE3 wars against AT, NP, SSQ, MILL, LBA and TFW. Absint was the Leader.
Gold 4 - TUGA had 19 members for GE4, and the alliance rank at the end was 26. GE4 wars against SCH and DHS. FrankM was the Leader.
Gold 5 - TUGA had 22 members for GE5, and the alliance rank at the end was 4. GE5 wars against OL and CRS. Lastway, Jaddark and Bors were our local allies. Varanda was the Leader.
Gold 6 - TUGA had 24 members for GE6, and the alliance rank at the end was 20. GE6 war against ADL. FROT Alliance joined TUGA for this round. Trampolino was the Leader.
Gold 7 - TUGA had 21 members for GE6, and the alliance rank at the end was 14. GE7 war against MILL. BIG were TUGA allies. Varanda was the Leader.

About TUGA

TUGA is a democratic alliance, choosing a new Leader and Ministers of Diplomacy, War, Colonization and Commerce each round by vote of all members. As members gain experience in, and knowledge of Astrowars, they are encouraged to take on new and greater responsibilities. TUGAs play the game to have fun, but good communication is encouraged within the alliance. Members communicate via the TUGA forum on a daily basis, to coordinate colonization, commerce, diplomacy and war plans.

TUGA is against any kinds of MA (multi accounts) and we do not tolerate AS (account sitting) without MultiAdmin authorization. We are an alliance of veteran players who love this game and we learned to enjoy it with fair play. It means that we deslike any kind of cheats, including the ones forbiden by the game rules. Moreover, we deslike some kinds of game styles that, spite they are legal, we found hatefull. That includes, NAP breaking, abusive FF (friendly fire) and planet gifting.

Joining TUGA

New members are not frequently accepted, as we have had issues with spies among us in previous rounds. Player history and style of gameplay are evaluated for a time before a new member is accepted into the alliance. We usually make a poll to determine if we accept new applications, so most of us will only be favourable to recruit players who show very good references. Usually they are players who joined us in battle in the previous rounds and showed enough activity and skills. If you are interested in joining TUGA, and are near us in the AW Universe, you can post your application on the TUGA forum.

TUGA interview on RAPT 16.0 (Gold Edition 5)

And now let's go to the 10Q to an alliance! This week I'm joined by what I think is the less known alliance from the top10 of alliance ranking, The United Galaxies, TUGA! The guys are doing a great round and aren't far from the top of rankings, so let's see what they (and especially their leader, varanda) have to say!

Boo-yah, here we go!

1) To start, let me ask you this : "The United Galaxies"... isn't that a bit general? The only more basic name I could think about would be [TAOP]The Alliance Of Players. Where did this come from?

I must say that the name was chosen by some portuguese (aka "tugas") players of the team. I guess we didn't think too much to find the alliance name to meet the tag. If we would have chosen TUSA as a tag ("tusa" states for desire, potence or urge, in portuguese) we would have chosen "The United Systems Alliance", or something like that, for a name.

2) You had 18 Portuguese members for your first complete round in GE2. Was it a condition to enter TUGA?

Of course not! We had players from Venezuela, Canada, USA, Portugal, Sweeden, Germany, UK... almost all, ex-members of LOG at GOLD 1. We are an international alliance since the begining. However, the official language of our forum is english.

3) In this GE5 you now have 7 players from Canada, does that mean TUGA has become completely international?

In fact, we have recruited some Canadians: they are very nice people. But we still are an international alliance.

4) You're the #9 alliance and you have the #6 solo. Will you try to defend these spots, or don't you care about it?

Of course we care about the rankings. We would like to keep them and we will fight to keep them.

5) You sacrificed 18+kCV in FA. Were these mistakes or do you see it as an effective strategy?

I agree with FA to give players their first PL or between farmers to help them to get enough PL to buy good artifacts. FA between fighters it is not a good strategy, in my opinion.

6) You're currently fighting CRS, the french cops (and famous flooders). They're known for being hardcore fighters. How do you handle this war?

We were surprised by their attacks but we have our hardcore fighters too. With the help of our friend alliances, we were able to hit them at their core.

7) Do you think you and CRS (and other alliances) could stop their wars for a moment to counter the recent planet giftings that occured in BOG and BSF?

We didn't notice that fact yet... but we will see what is happening.

8) Finally, the 3 traditional questions : What are your general thoughts on AS, PG and FA?

About FA you already have my answer. About PG, I think it can be used at war sometimes, to allow the fighters to have culture to take new enemy planets. It will damage the buildings but may speed up the military operations. PG to rankers is canibalism, in my opinion. About AS, I think it is not fair... but it would be better if it was legalized.

9) Who do you think will win this round?

I don't know... I guess it will be a BSF ranker, maybe yey.

10) And last but not least, what does it take to become a TUGA member?

A TUGA member must be friendly, active, brave and sensible. We are like a family (we are very united) and we love our tag.

And for being nice with me, you get to say one last word/paragraph/sentence! :D

We are very pleased to be invited for this interview and we wish good luck for the "Rapt" project. ;)

Thanks to TUGA for their quick answer answers (they received the questions sunday morning :oops: ) and I hope I don't need luck anymore for the Rapts ^^

Historical TUGA Sentences

"TUGA it is not only a name. It's a way of playing this game.", by APOLO

"I LOVE my TUGA's", by cleaner

"Nobody attacks TUGA without getting problems!!!", by Peter4Life

"There's no problem in the NAP, as long as it says that we can attack them if they attack us.", by Darfel

"I am the best. I am the omnipotent, I was chosen by the gods to represent them in earth... I am the Emperor...", by BubuAngel, after he loses his mind.

--varanda 15:20, 23 April 2007 (GMT+1)

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