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Alliance of great fighters, famous for their huge battles. Reports of it were published in the Systemlords Times. One goal of each Systemloard was to control an entire star system. Once this goal was reached, the player was allowed to call his- or herself Duke[?] of that system. The Systemlords existed from Beta 2 up to Beta 5. After Beta 5 some of their greatest fighters decided to unite with Gods Army to form Project Mayhem.

After a long period the Systemlords celebrate their rebirth. Systemlords are still back in Beta 9. Our main job is now to train new Player which joined just or play not that long like others do. Systemlords try to do their best to teach the Trainees in any cases, how to defend, working together, make diplomacy, and many many other usefull things.

Systemlords stand everytime to their NAP and BND. A word of an Systemlords should be more than just a word. Systemlords don't insult other players and we also don't like it if somebody insult us.


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