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Speedfighting is the strategy in which a player researches energy so far that the defender has no time to catch the attacker with his defending fleet. Some speedfighters are even faster in spite of the defender's 50% speed bonus for planets of his alliance or himself. For speedfighting, no big fleet is needed because the aim is not to fight; just hit fast, and disappear.


When was this strategy developed ?

The idea was born in the end of Beta 7 or in the Interbeta between Beta 7 and Beta 8. The first speedfighter was K[McGonna], who tried to rank in Beta 7 and was bashed down of an alliance which rankers - the leader - was bashed by Ionstorm. After he lost his fleet and his points, he wanted revenge... and the only possibility was to hit the enemy during the night before they knew what happened. But in this time he was pretty slow that he will be in later beta's

Bad Surprise

Until Beta 8, Attackers and Bodyguards were pretty slow. There were fights between giants (+4/+4 fighter) with huge fleets... but they could see their arrivals nearly an half day before. But, after the discovery of K[McGonna] before Beta 8, nearly all Ionstormers researched energy to become a Speedfighter. So, the bodyguards of the leaders were pretty shocked when the speedfighters were able to jump from planet to planet in less then 10 minutes. So, they were able to kill a leader in less than 2 hours. In Beta 9, more and more people tried to become faster also the defender but there were still problems for them ...

Problems of Speedfighting

The speedfighter became so fast that they are able to fly from planet to planet during a server update ... So because the ETA is +15/-15 min .. they could theoretically go back in the time .. but there is no solution until now .. for this .. The 2nd problem is that the defender have to look very often if an attack is on the way to them or not ..

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