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Snakepit is an excellent player from Austria who started in Beta 3.

Leader of the famous ASTRODOME alliance, which dominates Beta 4 but gets crushed down in the end before the alliance could win. But Snakepit manages to be 35th at the end.

Then after a pause in Beta 5 he comes back and becomes member of La Comunidad de la Ñ in Beta 6 and he finishes in Players Top 50.

In Beta 7 he is member of Project Mayhem.

He is in the Astrowars Federation during Beta 8 and Beta 9. And in this second beta, he quite reaches Alliance victory with the other Astrowars Federation members and ranks himslef 33th of the Beta !

In Beta 10 he plays in LA.

Snakepit Interview Beta 4

Current rank in Permanent Ranking : 47th

Personnal Message of Snakepit :

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