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A State of Siege exists when a fleet occupies either an uncolonized planet (Free Planet), or a planet which is owned by another player or marked as Unknown. A sieging fleet will not be warned about other attacks on that planet, as only the planet's owner receives such alerts.

A sieged planet appears in red in the Map Screen and in its owner's Planets Screen. While the planet remains under siege, its Production Points (PP) cannot be spent, but can still be sold for Astro Dollars using Spend All, as shown under Trade.

The owner of a sieged planet can see the attacker's profile, by clicking the red bar below the planet's details. Since the owner's fleet got destroyed in the siege, any ships shown on the planet belong to the attacker.

If most or all of your planets are red, there is still hope. You could contact a nearby player who might agree to break the siege for a small reward and/or the experience he or she will gain.


  • While a planet is under siege, its buildings are not destroyed and production continues to accumulate in the usual manner.
  • When selling PPs for Astro Dollars, only 70% of the PP on any sieged planets will be converted to money and the rest will be lost to the game. Example: if you have 200 PPs on a sieged planet, only 140 PP will become Astro Dollars, and the remaining 60 PP will be lost.
  • You cannot colonize a planet that is marked red unless you use a war fleet to break the siege.

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