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As you play the game and gain Player Levels, win battles and increase population, you earn game points. These are used to determine your rank among the other players. The Rankings page also shows other statistics, such as strongest fleet, best planets, best alliance. The page is accessed from your News Screen and at http://www1.astrowars.com/rankings.

Other in game statistics are also available, which can be found at http://www1.astrowars.com/rankings/various.php. A few other general game statistics, such as the number of page impressions per month and the average age of players, can be found at http://www1.astrowars.com/about/advertise.php.

If the Rankings page is unavailable due to server problems, you can access it directly at


Overall Ranking (for players) and Alliance Ranking are ordered in the following manner:

  1. least number of days needed to win the Countdown, once a qualifying score is achieved
  2. number of game points (score), which is also used to split players equal on countdown
  3. Player Level is used to split players equal on both score and days left in the countdown
  4. if any players are still equal after this, they are split by the date they started the round

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