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Production Points (PP) are needed to build fleet and enhance the buildings on your planets. Each planet receives 1PP/hour for each level of Robotic Factory built on it, and all planets gain 1PP/hour for each level of Population. Production Points earned are calculated on a decimal basis.

When all your planets attain a combined total of 151 PP or more, you have the option to "Spend All Points". You can use this to sell all your PP for Astro Dollars (even from sieged planets, you lose 5% of the pp from the seiged planet.). Alternatively you can choose to spend them all on a war ship.

Using Spend All will not gather up all of your PP then let you choose one planet to spend them on. This option spends the PP at each planet in turn on the option you selected, according to the amount of PP found there. So this is not a way to move production points between planets (you should use Colony Ships for that), it is a way of buying the same item on each of your planets in a single transaction.

Example: if you have 60 PP on Planet 1; 25 on Planet 2; 65 on Planet 3 you would have enough cumulative points for exactly 5 Destroyers (assuming a cost of 30 PP each). However you will actually get 2 Destroyers on Planet 1, 83% of a Destroyer on Planet 2, and 2 Destroyers plus 66% of another one on Planet 3, giving you an actual total of 4 complete Destroyers, and some points towards others on two of the three planets.

To sell all of your PP for Astro Dollars you must choose the "Interstellar Trade" option on the Spend All screen. The effect of selling PP is immediate, you do not need to wait until the Daily Update to earn and use the money.


  • Production output can also be increased through Race bonus, the use of Artifacts and bonus from Trade Agreements.
  • When you use Spend All to spend your PP on war ships, they will not be built on any sieged planets.

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