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First play in beta 4 with DSA, the beta ended with the victory of a DSA member and with DSA as first alliance. Theguardian win that round.

In beta 5 he was still DSA but didn't have so good results, just a war with ADES in the end of the beta but that's all, he discovered how to made a good race ;-)

Then he decided to join AA (Alpha Alliance) in beta 6 and helped akhenos to be in the top ranking. He was totally devoted to him (even his planet). Akhenos was his teacher. akhenos was a great player but his IRL life don't permit him to play anymore at AW....

Beta 7 was a transition beta for planarvoid. He played during this beta with his girlfriend Padma, she still play actually in the great alliance Emule Empire . He came back in beta 8. After a lot of fighting with Rage and Nemo he finnaly finished 4th with the help of the FUNDP project 's members (Morbac and _Zork_) they finally decided to join SSS featuring LTB Alliance. during this beta planavoid meet agentmat.

Beta 9, planarvoid joined ES with his friend morbac, __zork__ and agentmat. Planarvoid founded ES and he was one of the first ranker to reach the Countdown. As ES leader, lot of alliance attack ES and him!

Beta 10, bored by ES attitude, 5 men decided to create a funny gay alliance ;-) : Village People. the five foundator are Planarvoid, fir3fox, totow, Agentmat and morbac. planarvoid finished in the top 50 and the door of the top 20 in permanent ranking opened to him.

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