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Lorenzarius is one of the rare players who play since Beta 1. He is from Hong Kong.

He is one of the Astro Wars Forum Admin.

From Beta 1 to Beta 4 he plays solo.

In Beta 5 he joins La Cadena and finishes 99th.

He plays in The Galactic Dominion in Beta 6.

Playing solo again in Beta 7 he joins Alpha Alliance in Beta 8.

Then back to solo playing in Beta 9.

In Beta 10 he plays in LA.

Personnal Message of Lorenzarius :

Posted by Lorenzarius: Wed 29 Mar 2006, 07:26
Post subject: My resignation as an administrator.
I have to apologize that due to several personal reasons I couldn't dedicate any more time to manage this game. These three years were great, but now I must go. (From now on if you have forum problems, you should contact neron92 or strider, please don't bother me anymore)
Thank you for your support all the way and I hope you guys good luck and good game! Farewell and may we meet again!

Lorenzarius will be sadly missed at Astrowars. He was always a fair and just administrator, and one of the earliest members of the game from Beta 1. Many thanks for your valuable support and for putting up with us for so long LZ. Good luck!

-- added by DoktorGbla 02:57, 30 Mar 2006 (CEST)


Please do not contact LZ any longer about the game, his role has now been passed to neron92.

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