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LBA - La Brigada Alpha


We are always under Construction. So please report any comment by pm in AW to marc11.

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La Brigada Alpha

Our History

In the interbeta 7 HNU was discussing the plans for the next beta. Due to the big number of players, there were plenty of opinions and ideas of the matter. This discussion was going to doom the entire alliance, so some players left the alliance to continue with their project and let the rest and bigger part of HNU continue with their plans. One of this groups, composed by harak, eminencia, _mAsTeR_Kivan, tincondil, er_jota and Kumalo, jlpm87 also joined with them and together founded LBA.

Beta 8

The goal of beta 8 was to have a good war to have fun and the best option was against ES (winners 2 times in a row) in the core, so the new alliance wanted planets in Rana. In the middle of the round mikiesdios and SA07 joined too. There we find allies and friends like FrS and OINK who gave us their tag this time.

The battle began and was very hard for both parts, but in the end there was just a few ES representation in the core, and LBA got Rana1 and Rana8. LBA found a great friendship into their members and the will to play more betas, this time with their own Tag.


  • Used OINK TAG
  • Allied with FrS
  • WAR with ES
  • Dominion all the beta of Rana 1 and Rana 8

Beta 9

The war LBA/ODM vs HNU/HND/TSA started. LBA logged in beta zone and in the same place logged HND. This time LBA was bigger, joining in friends like IMAN and Flipaos. The war was fought in the game and in the forums. LBA cleared the zone of HNDs but HNUs traveling with bio 23 striked much bigger fleets and LBA fall back, the war was fought in the same 3 systems for weeks, then a bug HNU offensive came with fast attacks and it seemed that the war was over, but LBA resisted and striked back this time in new systems, the war was much harder then and both sides lost fleets and planets.

LBA managed to control TSA in the east and control the west zone, making the HND to escape north, only the TSA funded fleet of Aioros was unstopable, but too slow to defend all TSA. Once controlled the attack of HNU, and the war was slow again, everyone thought there was no winner (and truly is imposible to say who lost the war, because both sides lost more than the achieved), but LBA tried final attack and got all the planets of starinvader's (one of the HNU leaders) system and took down one of their rankers with a funded fleet.


  • Joined with Flipaos and some IMAN
  • Merged with ODM
  • Allied with OCB
  • War against HNU/HND/TSA

Beta 10

This time LBA had a proyect: try to win the beta. The alliance was divided in 2 groups, one in the south and one in the north. The south and smaller part of the alliance was attacked by VIP meanwhile the north group fought against LOG. Outnumbered in the south, the players quit to play and restart raising their bios to help their north partners. The north group recieved Bio23 help from their allies of IKEA, after a long battle together against LOG they arrived to a NAP between the allys, due to the good position of StefPowa2 in the ranks, letting his run to the rank 1 continue, and even offering help to protect him.

With the clear advantage of Mugathdem, LBA decideed to enter the countdown the same day as Mugathdem, it was needed a heavy friendly fire from LBA and many friends to achieve this, and one hour before the update Stef reached the 500 points. After this StefPowa2 was rank 2, the only player able to defeat mugathdem, fleets of many friends, specially FrS, LOG and IKEA were sieging Stef planets, but the last day NIAI attacked with 4 fleets, ironically the only one who succed was the smaller.

That day mugathdem received attacks from HNU, one LBA fleet joined the attack and took 14 points from him, at the update mugthdem was under the points of StefPowa2 before the NIAI attack.

Gold 1

Gold 1 was supposed to be a peacefull beta. But far away, Loseros, a lonely LBA, was attacked by VIP. So the bio23 war begun. As fast as possible, LBA members raised bio and went to help Loseros. Once secured the remaining system of Loseros, VIP striked back with fast attacks in unclosed LBA system, taking lots of pop.

Then VIP attacked the system of Loseros, but almost all their attacking fleets were destroyed that night. The fast attacks were daily and both alliance were coordinating very good to stop nearly all this attacks. LBA one by one destroyed some of the biggest VIP and astrowars fleets and then a massive attack was launched to a single system of VIP. AgentMat sacrificed his fleet but killing 3 LBA's. However, the system was taken, and then more system were fast attacked, finally taking down their ranker planarvoid.

Gold 2

LBA logged in the core alongside friends and allies FrS and WAR. The expansion was very hard due to the bug and finally we clashed with alliances. The war begun in the south with wd and UFsR and after with TEOD in the north. The coordination was terrible and most of the players stop playing at 100%. This was the worst LBA round. Finally StefPowa2, jlpm87 and Kumalo left the alliance for one round and modifications are being done, Gold 3 will be a learning and peacefully round for LBA.



--Marc11 12:47, 8 Feb 2006 (CET)

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