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Hispanos Numero Uno

Since Beta 1, Spanish players played together as La Comunidad de la Ñ.

In Beta 5, we came back as a big alliance.

In Beta 6, we decided to create a formal Alliance called Hispanos Numero Uno, due to the efforts of starinvader to reach Rank 1 for some days. Some members were in disagreement, but finally was founded by Starivader.

In Beta 7, we organized pretty well to attack ES, helped TZAR and GPS to defend Orphebus in rank 1, and had a lot of fun. Some members did not agree in defending Orphebus and this showed that they were turning into a separate alliance.

The transition to Beta 8 was a great change for HNU. Some members of HNU left the alliance, convinced by members of other alliances. The result: One of the best alliances ever seen. Well organized, great warriors, big fleets, good rankers and a lot of coordination to achieve all kinds of tactics ever known. The creation of HND avoided a lot of spy danger.

In Beta 9, HNU considered winning again and again we were busy with the first position in the individual ranking until the last day. This Beta also was characterized by the war between HNU/LBA, provoked by Kumalo's overbearing attitude that (as always) he tries to impose his criterion on the others. The war was very equalized and LBA had to realize practices of AS and had a spy during the entire war inside HNU.

In Beta 10, HNU tried for the win, leading from the beginning in the first positions of the ranking - positions that did not leave until the last two days of CD.

Gold Edition 1 supposed a change in HNU's orientation. HNU members entered the first day ready to conquer Rana, the game was characterized in constant war against FrS/Spin/ARMs/QI/IS. Finally obtaining the victory and conquering Rana and all the systems to Bio 12 of Rana with the help of Alianza Templaria, being the first time that all planets of Rana had a Hispanic owner.


Goal  : Have a nice and fun round and rise a Spanish to the 1st rank place ;)

Organization  : Democracy

Primary Language  : Espa±ol, (The members speak English too, and French).

Nationality of members  : Mainly Spanish, but no nationality restriction.

Recruitment  : Anyone can apply, and become member after simple vote of current HNU members.

No. of members  : Indefinite. 50 in Beta 8. Currently 20 members

Member list  : http://www1.astrowars.com/rankings/alliances/HNU.php


  • Spanish: Free vacant
  • French: Free vacant
  • English: Free vacant


The HNU forums are located here.

Official Ambassador: free vacant





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