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Updated for AW Gold 3 - This page maintains a list of frequently asked questions (and their answers) about different aspects of Astro Wars. The original version can be seen here. You may also find the Game Guide and Glossary useful.

Please refer to the Announcements Forum for latest information, updates and previous changelogs.


Players and the StarMap

The following questions & answers are about players and the starmap.

How do I calculate StarSystem level?

This is calculated by taking the Highest Populated Planet and the Lowest Populated Planet of that system and inserting the values into this calculation:

(Highest Populated Planet + Lowest Populated Planet) / 2

A system with a very high population of 25 and a very low populated planet 5 will have an average of 15 A system with 2 planets that have 15 population will also have an average of 15.

How do I resign?

You need to click on the resign link in your news. See Resign.

Are there tools that show the general map of AstroWars?

There are a multitude of tools out there, with a lot of alliances creating their own. However there have been several made public. They are:

Whats this race stuff and how do I create one?

Races are modifications to the default race. It is recommended for experienced users. See Race for more information.

Who can help me and register me manually?

You must register yourself. See Race.

Time before re-making character/race?

Wait 15-30 minutes after you have resigned before starting AW again and creating your race. You should also clear your browser cache & cookies so that you do not see the old screens from before you resigned.


The following questions & answers are for buildings and production.

What is Spend All and how do I use it?

Spend All allows you to spend all points on ALL planets at once on a specific building or ship. You can only use this function if you have at least 151 production points on ALL planets combined. If your player level is 1 or higher, you will be able to sell all your production points for Astro Dollars (A$) which you will then be able to trade with.

If you want to build destroyers, you must take into account that if you do perform a spend all on ALL planets without transfering them to your first planet through Trade, you will not get destroyers at your preferred planet. Instead, you will get parts of destroyers at all your planets. For example:

  • 60 production points at the first planet
  • 40 production points at the second planet
  • 80 production points at the third planet

This will give you 2 destroyers on the first planet, 1.3333 destroyers on the second, 2.6667 destroyers on the third.

Why does the remaining PP of a building become N/A?

N/A does not mean you cannot build any more levels! When a building reaches a very high level, it becomes uneconomical to use production points to build more levels. Instead, you can use Supply Units to build further levels, which will cost less.

Why does the display for a building sometimes show -1?

Astrowars is basically calculated in float format like 0,65252.... so sometimes astrowars rounds up your production points, and sometimes the other way. So it could happen that:

  • you need 191 production points for upgrading a level 9 building to level 10
  • you need 193 production points for upgrading a level 9 building to level 10

The same can happen when building a ship.

I just spent Production Points on the wrong thing, can I undo this?

No. If this was allowed it would be chaos!

Can I move Production Points to other planets?

Yes you can use colony ships. Every colony ship gives you 15 production points.

  • If you are going to colonize a free planet you need 3 colony ships or more.
  • If you are going to move production points to your own planet you need 2 colony ships or more.

But there is also another tactical way. Its called friendly sieging.

  • Someone must siege all your planets that are higher in the planet list then the planet you want to trade the production points to.

For every sieged planet you will lose 5% of your traded production points. So if someone is sieging your first 3 planets you must pay 15% of the production points you want to trade to your 4th planet in the planet list. This can only be done if this planet has a population higher then level 4.

Battle & Fleet

The following questions & answers are for battle, ships and fleet.

Can I recall my fleet?

Sorry, but if you launched a fleet there is no way to call it back. So just take time to be certain that you don´t launch it to the wrong system or planet.

With the NAP feature, it will warn you if you are launching to an ally's planet and prevent you from doing this.

What's going on? My planet is sieged without any warning!

Alerts of incoming fleets are only sent to the player who owns the planet at the time they are launched. The player who is sieging your planet launched to that planet before you colonised it. This is a common occurence if they are launching from a very distant planet, or have a low energy level or a speed malus, when they will need to launch a long time in advance.

What if I get sieged?

  • You cannot spend any production point on this planet

If you now use 'spend all':

  • You will get 60% of the production points from the sieged planet
  • 40% of the production points from the sieged planet will be lost

You have some ways to get out of this situation: Ask your allies to help you to free this planet

  • Launch your own fleet to this planet to free it
  • Ask in your neighbourhood for help
  • Ask the sieging one to free your planet

How do I verify a launch?

On the Fleet Screen, when you launch, enter how many ships you want to send, click on the radio buttons, or if you have bio 23, enter the system ID (if necessary) and the planet ID, and click on "Arrival Time Calculator". Your ships will not be launched, but you can see if you accidentally sent them to the wrong system.

Once your ships are sent, you can see their destination and arrival time at the top of the fleet screen.

I am under attack, but it doesn't say what ships are being sent!! How do I tell?

There are only two types of ships that cause this sort of warning: Colony Ship and Transport. If you have something to defend the planet with, you have nothing to worry about. If you do not, you can spend 1pp on a destroyer, and that will destroy the incoming fleet.

What happens if a player launches a fleet to someone's planet and resigns after that?

Fleets in transit disappear if the player resigns, but if the player has ships on the planet they remain there. See Unknown.

A fleet hit me in one second? How is that possible?

11:47:24 - Nov 21We lost Rana 1.
11:47:23 - Nov 21Your defending fleet was defeated by AllesRoger at Rana 1. You killed about 30%.
11:47:22 - Nov 21Attention !!! We have evidence of an incoming fleet around that time.
10 Transports
1337 Destroyer
going to attack Rana [1] 1!
We suppose its the Fleet of AllesRoger.

The fleet did not hit you in one second. The time of the "Attention!!!" message is not the time the attacker launches his fleet, it is the estimated arrival time of the incoming fleet. So what happened is: your opponent launched his fleet while you were away, and successfully hit your planet before you logged in again. For more information, please see News Alerts.

Does a person who is being attacked detect the incoming fleet immediately?

If you own the planet when the player launches, then you will receive a warning. If you do not own the planet, but take the planet after the other player's fleet is launched, you will not receive a warning. Read above for more information.

What is the speed bonus?

The speed bonus halves the overall travel time between planets owned by you or your alliance. You can also reduce your travel times generally by increasing your energy science level.

Do I get a speed bonus for sending ships to planets I already own?

Yes, if you send to planets that you own, or are owned by the alliance that you are in, you will get the speed bonus. If you are sending to a planet that you or your alliance does not own, you will not get the speed bonus.

What is the benefit of math in battle?

If you are 6 levels of maths above your opponent, you will automatically get a 25% math bonus over them. This does not affect attack power, rather survivors. If you are 6 levels of math under your opponent, you will automatically get a 25% math penalty. Therefore you will receive more deaths in battle.

What is the benefit of physics in battle?

If you are 6 levels of physics above your opponent, you will automatically get a 25% bonus over them. This affects the attack power and chance of victory, but not survivors. If you are 6 levels of physics under your opponent, you will automatically get a 25% penalty. Your attack power will be diminished, and your chance of victory will be reduced.

Why can't my fleet colonize the planet even though I should have enough culture when it arrive?

Culture (as with science/population/production) will only update when you log in. That means if you don't log in to get the culture level rise before your fleet arrives at its destination, the game will still remember your old culture level and think you don't have enough culture. See culture for more details.


The following questions & answers are about the general gameplay.

What is flooding?

This is when you make too many requests to the server within your session time. The limit is 300 page requests within a single session. Logging in and out frequently prevents this. See Flooding.

How is your overall score calculated?

Your score increases/(decreases) each update. Your population, player level and science levels are taken into account. Each increment in Population gains a 1 point bonus. Each Player Level gains a 2 point bonus. Each Science Level above 20 gains a 1 point bonus.

Your score is calculated in this way: (Overall Population) + (2 x Player Levels) + (Each science level above 20) For example: JaneDoe has 150 population, 3 player levels and no science level over 20.

150 + (3 x 2) + 0 = 156 points.

You can find out more about how the Daily Update works.

Why are some planets unknown?

Unknown players are in fact other players who have decided to resign from the game. See Unknown for full details.

How can I refer friends?

Yes you can by having them click on your unique link. See Referral.

When will the round be over?

The round is won when either one of these two events happens:

  • An individual player scores over 500 points and maintains their score over 500 points for 7 days
  • An alliance scores over 360 points and maintains their score over 360 points for 3 days

At the end of a round there is an 'InterRound' (sometimes referred to as the InterBeta) for an undefined amount of time. During this period no score or rank is updated, and everyone attacks each other for fun. There is also a tradition called the Rana Crash, in which players send their fleets to the Rana system at the center of the game board (System ID 0/0), to try to win a planet there even for a short time. Anyone with Biology level 25 or more is welcome to join this contest.

A friend told me about account sitting, what is it and is it allowed?

Account sitting is NOT allowed. This is when you are playing in the game, but you also log into another player's account to help them when they are away. It is considered a form of cheating and comes with serious reprimands for the players involved such as your account being reset (planets become unknown) and even your account being banned! If you cannot play for several days due to urgent reasons (f.e. family vacation, taken into hospital), you may contact AccAdmin to ask permission for a non-player to play your account for you temporarily. See the Account Sitting page for more details.

Do I get a bonus for starting after the start of the round?

For each day that you start after the start of a round, you gain a Production Point bonus, Science and Culture bonuses. The longer you start after the beginning of the round, the larger the bonus is. Keep in mind that this bonus is rather small compared to playing from the beginning, but generally enough (after a while) to fully upgrade one or two planets.

What is a Permanent Highscore?

With the end of Beta 5 the Permanent Highscore was added. You can see the actual list here.

How did you get points for the overall:

  • You have to be in the Top 50 when a round ends.
  • Then you get the points up to your position in the Top 50.
  • Rank #1: 50 points
  • Rank #2: 49 points
  • Rank #3: 48 points
  • Rank #4: 47 points
  • Rank #5: 46 points
  • and so on

If you are in the Permanent Highscore you get a special profile in gold.

Who is the player with the strongest fleet?

Changes from day to day. No one has actually calculated the strongest of all time. Strongest Fleet Ranks

I have colonized some planets but they don't show up on my planet list why?

The server updates every 15 minutes from the time you login, and it has not updated your account yet. You can logout and login again and the planets will be there on the list.

Why can't I open private messages I see in my news?

The player who sent you the private message has deleted the message before you were able to read it. Also if the player has modified the private message they could have also given it a different subject name, so it will have a different name in your inbox than it does on your news screen.

My science levels are not updating! Whats wrong?

Science levels update every 15 minutes so wait till the next update. Even though the level counter will be 0.00, the server has not updated your science level yet. If you logout & login, you will see the updated science level ;)

Do I have to pay the A$20,000 fee for a Trade Agreement?

This really depends on your race. If you are a Trader, then you can accept for free. However you cannot send for free. If you are not a trader, then you also have to pay the $20.000 fee. Example: Player A has $20,000 and sents a trade agreement invitation to Player B. Player B is a not a trader, so Player B must also pay the $20.000 fee. Player A sends an invitation to Player C who is a trader. Player C can accept for free. See Trade Agreement.

The battle calculator shows the loser also receives EXP, is this right?

The battle calculator shows the experience both players would receive if they were to win the battle. The loser does not receive experience from losing in a battle. If you see something like 400(100), this means that if you win, you will only receive 100 experience instead of 400 because you do not have more than 2 of one kind of ship.

Can I trade with other players?

This feature has been peramanently removed from the game to prevent alliances from creating monster fleets that were almost impossible to defeat. You can still gain bonuses from Trade Agreements.


The following questions & answers are about creating and maintaining an alliance.

How do I create an alliance?

You need to have gained at least Player Level 1 and have $8000 AstroDollars. See Alliance Screen.

How is the alliance score calculated?

The alliance score is an over view of the ranking of all members. The more members there are, the more are not counted.

  • 1-9 member: all are counted
  • 10-14 member: one will not be counted.
  • 15-19 member: two will not be counted.
  • 20-24 member: three will not be counted.
  • 25-29 member: four will not be counted.
  • 30-34 member: five will not be counted.
  • and so on...

But if your are creating/joining an alliance you have to know:

  • you can only join one alliance
  • if a member gets defeated and must resign/resigns, this member is still counted with 0 points.

Can an alliance have his own forum?

Yes, but you have to host it yourself. AstroWars does not provide forum hosting. For free hosting search on google. Phpbb.com provides free hosting.

One of our members was recently defeated but he is still calculated as an active member, why?

When a player who is part of an alliance is defeated, his score remains in the alliance screen as 0 until he rejoins the alliance. This is no bug, it is how it is intended. If he rejoins the alliance, the score of 0 will be replaced by the updated and current account.

When I click on my alliance tag, it shows information of another alliance, why?

Another alliance happens to have the same tag as you, and you are viewing their information. Wait till the next rankings update. Two alliances cannot use the same tag.

What if the alliance founder resigns?

If the founder of an alliance resigns or is wiped out of the game, he is gone and cannot be replaced. Gone with him are the functions that a founder has, namely

  1. Changing the alliance name
  2. Changing the alliance website link in the alliance info
  3. Recruiting new members
  4. Making new NAPs
  5. Cancelling old NAPs

Otherwise the alliance functions as normal.

General / Other / Services

The following questions & answers are about services provided by AstroWars, and anything else in between.

Does AstroWars have a chat room?

Yes it is here. You require Java runtime plugin for your internet browser to use the chat room. Alternatively you could use IRC. See IRC for details.

What is multitool and how do I use it?

Multitool is a robot sent from some far away planet to punish naughty AW players! Jokes aside, Multitool is an automatic tool to search for multiple accounts. This includes players who deliberately create 2 or more accounts, or players sitting another players account.

If your status is RED, you are suspected of being a multi. If this is a mistake, you should contact MultiAdmin immediately and explain your situation. If your status is YELLOW, it means that you have nothing to worry about, as it generally happens if you are playing behind a router or proxy. If your status is GREEN, then you nothing to worry about.

If your status becomes red, you risk the chance of being permanently banned from AstroWars. After 7 days, your account will become unknown. If someone is red in multistatus, it doesn't mean that they will banned automatically.

Please keep in mind that MultiAdmin is in fact a human, so please don't be abusive! Here are some rules for writing to the MultiAdmin:

  • Write in English only
  • One private message is enough
  • Don't flame or say the multiadmin is buggy
  • Explain your situation in private messages and NOT on the AstroWars forums
  • Don't ask for the status of other players

If you find that after 24 hours your private message has not been read, you should resend it. The MultiAdmin receives a lot of messages a day, and often exceeds the max allowed in the inbox. Do NOT send thank you private messages! These only take up inbox space for the MultiAdmin, preventing other red players from explaining their situation. See the Multi Account page for more details.

Can I use WAP to login?

Yes, use www.astrowars.com/wap to login via WAP. Every login via WAP is counted as a normal login. But you can only read your news page!

How do I remove my account from the database?

Use this link and type in your stats:

http://www1.astrowars.com/register/rmve_me.php?id=your ID&password=your password&name=your name

Example: http://www1.astrowars.com/register/rmve_me.php?id=123456&password=abc123&name=FuzzyWuzzy

If you forgot your ID or don't know what it is simply leave that part empty:


In the examples, you would replace '12346', 'abc123' and 'FuzzyWuzzy' with your own details.

I want to learn about battles with other players, can I?

Yes you can, there are CSV files that are released every update with all battle information including players/alliances, ships, combat values & winner/loser. You can download the CSV files from http://www1.astrowars.com/export/history/

I want to know about trade agreements between players, can I?

Yes, there are also CSV files that are released every update with all the trade information including who with & trade percentage. You can download the CSV files from http://www1.astrowars.com/export/history/

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