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Death Scanner find the way into the Astrowars- Community in Beta 2. His first step to a Legendary Players was the great battles against DSA in Beta 3. Also beta 3 was the round of the first contact between smallone and him. This was the first step to one of the greatest and finest alliance – the Fight Club.

With Ravendark (another of Legendary Players, found the way to AW about Death Scanner), Beon and Balou and smallone he had found this alliance. One step before he (or Beon) could win Beta 4 a scandal shook the fight club and the most AW-Player. So he spend all his money and waived of his great chance. You should know that the winner of beta 4 was the neighbour of many Fight Club Members and without this scandal and the political correctness it would be quite safe that on other player had win this round.

Final Rankings

  • Beta 2: Rank ?, ? points
  • Beta 3: Rank ?, ? points -> Best combat round
  • Beta 4: Rank 3, 546 points -> Best tactic round
  • Beta 5: Rank 26, 507 points
  • Beta 6: Rank 39, 470 points


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