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The Control Panel is the user interface from which you play Astrowars. There are seven top level screens tabbed across the page, each covering a different area of activity, plus links to secondary screens with more options for specific tasks. Six of these are visible to both allied and solo players. Note: the Trade screen only appears once you gain player level 1.

News screen

  • receive news and message alerts
  • access game services and help
  • personalise game settings

Map screen

  • view surrounding map area
  • check planets in systems
  • examine player profiles

Planets screen

  • check planet development
  • improve buildings and ships
  • spend production points

Science screen

  • check science development
  • change research selection
  • validate new culture levels

Trade screen

  • trade artifacts and supply units
  • select active artifact bonus
  • establish trade agreements
  • convert money to production points

Fleet screen

  • select targets and launch fleets
  • monitor fleet arrival times

There is also an Alliance screen tab, which displays information about your alliance. This tab is only displayed if you belong to an alliance, or at any time when you have saved a total of 8000 Astro Dollars and have gained at least Player Level 1, when you may use the money to create your own alliance if you wish.

New Interface

As of Gold 27, Astro Wars recieved a new interface. The following was copied from

Changes are listed below

Top menu

  • ALT+SHIFT+n is a shorcut to News
  • ALT+SHIFT+m is a shorcut to Map
  • ALT+SHIFT+p is a shorcut to Planets
  • ALT+SHIFT+s is a shorcut to Science
  • ALT+SHIFT+t is a shorcut to Trade
  • ALT+SHIFT+a is a shorcut to Alliance
  • ALT+SHIFT+f is a shorcut to Fleet
  • Items of the menu have a different background if you are in that page


  • incoming message improved


  • help links updated
  • ALT SHIFT - and ALT SHIFT + are shortcuts for previous and next news


  • coordinates are always displayed
  • system id added above every star


  • alliance tags added
  • fleets in garrison or sieging on own or allied planets shown (wether it is allied or enemy fleet)
  • incomings on own or allied planets shown
  • own and allied attacking fleets shown
  • defending CV for players in countdown shown (it doesn't show fleet owner nor fleet composition)
  • team members in green color
  • CV of starbases added


  • progress bars displaying percentage
  • effective growth and production values (using the bonus modifier)
  • sum population added


  • Starbase column added, value is showing two decimals
  • Population are rounded with two decimals
  • buildings which can be upgraded are green


  • progress bars displaying percentage
  • remaining times for population and buildings
  • +1 links for buildings which can be upgraded. It autofulfil the Spend_Points page
  • ALT SHIFT - and ALT SHIFT + are shortcuts for previous and next planet


  • default value for production points to spend is empty
  • link "all" added to spend all the production points available on the planet


  • default value is Interstellar Trade
  • link to Spend_All_Points is displayed if you have 1 or more production points


  • Trade revenue is now a public information
  • Trade partners list added as public information
  • Multi status now shows texts "normal" or "watchlist" or "multi"


  • progress bars displaying percentage
  • direct link to switch the research to another science
  • effective science and growth values (using the bonus modifier)
  • Estimated research end date added for science being researched and culture


  • in the members table, the points of each player is a link to his alliance profile (Alliance/Detail)


  • ALT SHIFT - and ALT SHIFT + are shortcuts for previous and next 15 players (alliances of more than 15 members)
  • it is now possible to order the list by rank, points, PL, biology, economy, energy, mathemathics, physics, social, culture, TR, artifact, idle time


  • previous - next links to switch between the players added
  • ALT SHIFT - and ALT SHIFT + are shortcuts for previous and next player
  • populations and starbases are rounded with 2 decimals
  • Production points available on planets added
  • Sum CV of your ships added
  • incomings list improved (see details further in this page)
  • Sciences are rounded with 1 decimal
  • Player level show percentage to next level
  • effective culture, science and production values (using the bonus modifier)
  • number of Supply Unit in the inventory are shown
  • all artifacts in inventory are shown (and not only the one currently in use)
  • system ID of each planet is a link to the map with the system highlighted
  • Trade partners' alliance tag added


  • incomings list improved (see details further in this page)


  • From flag, idle and logins values added


  • CV of the fleets added
  • System ID for planets in biology range added (in Destination and Location columns)


  • link "all ships without transport" added
  • CV of the fleet your are sending and fleet available added
  • The radio buttons have been changed to a select list for systems in your biology range
  • arrival time calculator is pre-checked
  • Loop link added


  • New table summaring your fleet composition, destination, energy level and flight time
  • Arrival time is now updated live with javascript

Premium members

  • bug fix: old premium members won't receive any more email warning on incoming
  • the email warning on incoming fleet is now in html and the subject displays important information (arrival time, CV, number of TR, name of the attacker and his alliance tag) in less than 168 characters (one SMS)
  • incomings list improved (see details below)


  • combat value of the fleet is now shown
  • there is a link to the battle calculator with ships already fulfilled
  • alliance tag of the fleet owner added
  • incoming lists in Alliance/Detail or Alliance/Incomings are ordered by time and player id.
  • General note : instead of displaying the news message, it looks for fleet(s) arriving at the same time

on the planets of the player having that news. In case there is no fleet arriving at that time on the player's planets, it displays the standard message from the news. This happens when the player had an incoming and he lost the planet meanwhile.

On top of that, all the pages in are now XHTML strict and are fully designed with CSS.

A special CSS has been made for mobile phones and small screens, extending the design to 100% of the screen width.

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