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Beta 8
Duration6 Oct 2004 - 21 Dec 2004
Astro Wars Chronology
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  • Lordxxx from Alpha Alliance died by a car accident 20 OCT 2004, he was 25 years old - Lordxxx we will never forget you! his last login was 30 minutes before it happened.

Beta 8 has confirmed that pure astrobuild is going away. Although top players had still bias to growth, the discounts in warrior features were reasonable (top-100 average race: Growth +2.2, Science +0.8, Culture -0.6, Production -0.7, Attack -0.1, Defense -0.9, Speed -0.9). Moreover, in the middle of the game central and Alpha sectors of galaxy were so crowded that AstroWARS were inevitable. Some people, who had origins in the centre, looked for free planets in Epsilion sectors.

Many of the top playsers, e.g. Ravendark as Weltenbrand the leader of the permanent rank listing, or Fiesemöpp as ColonelLovok played with alias, because the want not get a lot of NAPs-offers and can play with only their own skill. So there was a lot of fun in the core as this players are seemed as noobs and fighted as vertrerans. Many of thems are playing in the Alliance named OINK, but this Ally mixed members of a various old Allies together. The core are holding from this ally in the most parts till the end of the beta.

Usually the leaders had hard times at the end of the game and they were killed one by one:

  • yosoyyoytuno from HNU was killed almost immediately after he started countdown by some cryptic Speedfighters (of IS)
  • AA and EE alliance a common project from Emule Empire and Alpha Alliance seemed to win easily. After 2 days of the countdown they had above 500 points and just a few hours before the final tick still above 490. But it was not enough.
  • also planets of the next leader, lutecefalco from BSF, were devastated by two Speedfighters from IS 1 day before the expected end
  • TheBride had support of the largest alliance (TZAR) and its allies. The defending fleet exceeded 600k CVs and guarded most of her planets but they did not stopped a massive attacks (BSF took its revenge for lutecefalco, led by Ulysse who gathered 106k CVs fleet and then burned 4 planets and 78 population of the brave girl)

Meanwhile (when all efforts were focused on TheBride) ITZZ from IMAN alliance won the game. ITZZ was very well protected by warriors, but they also used a brilliant trick led by Orphebus to defeat attackers: instead of preventing jump planets, a player named bobbytrapper (!) pretended to be an enemy of IMAN, provided jump planets, and reported every incoming to IMAN, which then could easily react on hostile fleets.

Major alliance wars during Beta 8

  • TZAR vs. TPK
  • STG vs. ARMY
  • TGT vs. ARMY
  • STG, SoR, DoR vs. ARMs
  • TGT, BLA, STG, AoA vs. AO, ASCO
  • GPS, TNR vs. STAR
  • GPS, TNR vs. ORG
  • RAGE vs AN
  • RAGE vs SSS
  • AN, HNU vs SWAT
  • HNU vs FP
  • EE vs DSA
  • TGD vs ARMs
  • TGD vs TZAR
  • LD, SW, APG, ARMs vs VOX (all VOX resigned)
  • LD, ARMs vs CO
  • AF vs WAR
  • AF vs TKD
  • AF vs DAHU
  • SAF, TD and TBG vs FV
  • NIAI and FV vs AF
  • HES vs FrS
  • IS vs HNU
  • SoR vs SW, ARMs
  • LBA vs ES,HES
  • LBA vs RvB
  • AWF vs. NEMO
  • BLA vs. PHAT
  • TGE vs. HI
  • TGE vs. DHS
  • OINK vs. TZAR, STG
  • SSS vs NEMO
  • SSS vs AO
  • SSS vs EMP
  • SSS vs RAGE
  • SSS vs DAHU
  • SSS vs OINK
  • SWAT vs AN,HNU
  • SWAT vs HfwF
  • SWAT,BSF vs SJ
  • SpIn vs KK,ASGA
  • TGT vs KK
  • SAF, TBG, TD vs NIAI
  • GS, SAF vs MILL
  • TNR, GPS vs STAR
  • TNR, GPS vs ORG
  • TNR vs WAT
  • HFwF vs SWAT

Largest number of wars: SSS (6), ARMs (5), GPS (5), SWAT (5), TNR (5)

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