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Founded during Beta 4 when opportunity was given by Petrarque, Fierrot, Frumzel, PMooNC and so on. First called "beta 3 old fiends federation", the team ended at the third position while petrarque reached the best individual score.

In Beta 5, BoFF changed to "Beta 4 old friends federation" with new players like PMC, etc. The team was once well-ranked and some players (fierrot) ended in the top50. Then in beta 6, it became "Bands of fury Faeries" with the stop of most of its founders.

In Beta 7 BoFF made a Good beta, with 3 players in Top50. Now almost all BoFF players has joined Assasination Racket Mercenary (and Sex?) Alliance in Beta 8, except their main ranker, ARoCK who join The Galactic Dominion

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