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Astro Wars ( is a free web-based massively multiplayer space strategy game.

Game overview

After registration, you start on a tiny planet in one of the many star systems in the galaxy. You begin by building up your planet, then you can colonize uninhabited planets to expand your empire. Once you think your fleet is strong enough, you can engage in battles with other players and take over their planets! You'll need to plan carefully and use diplomacy to help you in order to succeed in this war with thousands of players from all over the world!

System requirement

Astro Wars runs in real-time and is web-based so you can play it from everywhere with no installation, as long as you have a web browser and an internet connection. The game also has a WAP interface.

PC version

An Astro Wars PC game is being developed. It would be a fast-paced version of the web game with each round lasting for a few hours. It would be released as a freeware.

About this wiki

Astro Wars Wiki is a "wiki" aimed at providing information about AW. Simply put, a "wiki" is a collection of documents written collectively by different editors and contributors, using a collaborative software as a platform and medium. You can find out more about what a wiki is at this page. This wiki uses the MediaWiki software.

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