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Created in Beta 1 by lrendall, this alliance composed of the following:

Gyllias, Llama (no longer playing), [RSA]Top-Dogg[UK2]*, Rufas, Jimmy, BamIam, Lrendall, Snakepit, Waylon, Yaella.

It was infact a coalition as two members, [RSA]Top-Dogg[UK2]* and Rufas, were Rebel-Student-Alliance (RSA) members but were working with the other AF members.

AF merged with GDoR in Beta 4 to make TGD. AF split away from TGD for Beta 8 to make a stand as a seperate alliance, led by friends both old and new, rekindleing a piece off AW history!

After nearly winning in Beta 9, AF took a break in Beta 10 to come back in Gold 1. Since then, AF has always been amongst the top-ranked alliances, still not winning a round, yet (as of GE7). Alas, by ranking in top-5 consistentently, AF has earned themselves the #1 position in permanent points.

The AF Forum is at

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